Helen Bobbit

As a FAM News subscriber, I was made aware of the January 19th FAM cruise to Antarctica on the Marco Polo of Orient Lines A cruise of a lifetime at a tremendous price! I was fortunate enough to go. This was a trip I will never forget! 


The ship was great! It was not only a very nice ship with very well designed public areas and good size cabins, but it rode the waters of the notorious Drakes Passage very well. The Filipino crew were very attentive and fluent in English. The food was wonderful. Over half of the passengers were repeat passengers on the Marco Polo.

On board we had 21 lectures and 4 movies on Antarctica.  Peter Hillary was a great speaker.  I feel like I have taken a college course called Antarctica 101.


Our sightseeing was done via Zodiacs.  Sometimes we just cruised the shore looking at penguins and seals. Other times we went ashore.


Check out the photo below!  Standing on the 7th Continent with Orient Lines "Marco Polo" in the background.  



I highly recommend an Antarctica cruise, or any cruise, on the Marco Polo.  The Marco Polo Antarctica sailings are in December, January, and February.  Great itinerary, great ship, and great service.  This was a trip I will never forget! 


Thank you FAM News for keeping me up-to-date on all the latest and greatest FAMs!

Helen Bobbitt
Travel Network
Loveland, CO 80537